Breaking the barrier of 300 mph, defining the new standards of speed has always been a dream of the automotive world. This video is the reflection of the hard work and determination of the team Bugatti that has put them in a place where they literally change the dynamics of sports cars industry.

Giving a new dimension to the world of speed, is definitely the credit of Bugatti.
The official speed history of this sensational vehicle that has been certified by SGS TUV SAAR is 304.77 mph which is 490.48 kph.

World Sports Car Record: Bugatti Accelerated To 300 mph Speed #Buggati

World Sports Car Record: Bugatti Accelerated To 300 mph Speed #Bugatti

Posted by allsportspk on Monday, December 16, 2019

The Stefan Ellrott, Board Member and Head of development, Buggati has summarized this whole adventure in an effective manner by saying that being the fastest might not be the correct expression but moving boundaries is perhaps the right expression for this magnificent break through. Having a speed of 150 mph can be considered fast but adding just 30 mph and making it 180 mph is a whole new scenario, but getting to the mark of 300 mph is nothing less than a masterpiece in the world of innovation. The team’s aim was not only to achieve this mark but also to make it happen in a way that driver feels safe and comfortable while hitting those accelerators to 300 mph. Normally, the air crafts fly in the air with such high speed but doing it on a surface seemed quite impossible until this miracle happened.

According to the Deputy Design Driver, Frank Heyl the biggest challenge for them was to get the overall package right by that he means not only design, not only dynamics or engine or tyres but to synchronise everything in such precise manner that promises such massive results. The functional manager and project leader, Christian Willman has given the credit of this successful experiment to the team that has worked with all their dedication to make this happen.

This masterpiece is so far the fastest, most powerful super sports car in the history of automotive world. It has such delicate and sophisticated design that has enabled it to push boundaries beyond imagination. It’s idiosyncratic design, innovative technology, and iconic, performance-oriented form has made it unique masterpiece of art and technology. Since, Bugatti has always strived to present the extraordinary, the unrivalled, so, what will be the next innovation by them? Breaking the barrier of 300 mph must have given them some new discoveries and breakthrough to go even further in this world of creativity.

Buggati is a company that was formed by Ettore Buggati in 1909 in Molsheim, Germany has successfully achieved a milestone by eliminating the obstacle of 300 mph. This innovative piece of art can be considered as a huge tribute to the founder, Ettore Buggati who is remembered as the founder and proprietor of this automobile manufacturing company.

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