New Zealand appeal to the World Squash Federation seeding panel, received a positive response and they were promoted to fourth seed position in WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship. 

The event is to be held from 15th till 21st December in Washington DC.New Zealand, has the distinction of competing in each event since the first championship in 1967.

New Zealand prior to appeal were the 5th seed have now replaced Germany in Pool D, Germany now being the new fifth seeds have moved to Pool E. 

WSF Men’s World Team Squash Championship 2019:

Due to the change the revised pool teams, including respective seedings show in brackets, are:

POOL A: [1] Egypt, [12] Switzerland, [15] Canada
POOL B: [2] England, [11] Wales, [14] Colombia, [23] Nigeria
POOL C: [3] France, [10] Malaysia, [13] USA, [22] Republic of Korea
POOL D: [4] New Zealand, [9] Scotland, [18] Ireland, [20] Singapore
POOL E: [5] Germany, [8] Spain, [16] Argentina, [19] South Africa
POOL F: [6] Hong Kong China, [7] Australia, [17] Jamaica, [21] Kuwait

The Day wise updated Pool schedule is as follows:

SUNDAY 15 December:

  • 12:00 Egypt v Canada, New Zealand v Ireland, Scotland v Singapore
  • 15:00 France v USA, Spain v South Africa, Germany v Argentina, Malaysia v Republic of Korea
  • 18:30 England v Colombia, Hong Kong v Jamaica, Wales v Nigeria, Australia v Kuwait

MONDAY 16 December

  • 12:00 Germany v Spain, Egypt v Switzerland, New Zealand v Scotland, Ireland v Singapore
  • 15:00 USA v Republic of Korea, France v Malaysia, Jamaica v Kuwait
  • 18:30 Hong Kong v Australia, England v Wales, Argentina v South Africa, Colombia v Nigeria

TUESDAY 17 December

  • 12:00 New Zealand v Singapore, Scotland v Ireland, France v Republic of Korea, Canada v Switzerland
  • 15:00 USA v Malaysia, England v Nigeria, Australia v Jamaica
  • 18:30 Wales v Colombia, Hong Kong v Kuwait, Germany v South Africa, Spain v Argentina


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