USA takes charge 10 to 6.5 over Guatemala in debut.

The second play-off match of the tournament begun with Guatemala 3.5 goals at the onset of the match given by handicap difference. Demonstrating excellent teamwork and anticipation, the USA quickly rallied to narrow the deficit with three goals but Fernando Beltranena from Guatemala led his team, scoring two goals to widen their lead 5.5-3 at the end of the first period.

Team USA continued their forward momentum into the second and third chukker, scoring three unanswered goals, taking the lead for the first time 6-5.5.

USA Team captain Felipe Viana took control in the fourth, scoring two skillful field goals to widen the lead 8 to 5.5 moving into the final chukker. Both teams capitalized on penalty 2 conversions in the fifth to maintain the gap. A final goal from Obregon would cement the win for USA 10-6.5 despite a valiant Guatemala effort.

XI FIP World Polo Championship Zone A Play-off – Day 1

USA: Remy Du Celliee Muller 3, Geronimo Obregon 4, Felipe Viana 5, Robert Herndon Radcliff 2. Total 14 handicap goals.
Guatemala (3 1/2): Jose Ignacio Beltranena 2, Sebastian Aycinena 2, José Miguel Aguilar 3 , Fernando Beltranena 3. Total 10 handicap goals.

 Other teams:

Mexico: Juan José de Alba 4, Alejandro Gonzalez 3, Mariano Gracida 4, Carlos Hernandez 3. Total 14 handicap goals.

Next games

The XI FIP World Championship Zone “A” Play-off Final between the USA and Mexico will be this winter season’s last featured 3:00pm ET Sunday match at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida. Tickets can be purchased at or watch live on the USPA Polo Network on

Goal by USA’s Felipe Viana versus Guatemala in the FIP Zone “A” Playoffs from United States Polo Association® on Vimeo.