The XI World Polo Championships will be held on 21st October 2017, in Sydney Australia. Four teams – Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Chile have already qualified. Three more team spots are available for which more qualifying tournaments are being held.

Allsportspk brings to you the Day to Day account of the qualification process for the remaining teams.

XI FIP World Polo Championship Zone C Play-off – Day 1: England and Spain win

France back in the race

Day 2 – Thursday May 4th at The Polo Club du Domain du Chantilly.

Frist game: Teams from France and Germany played today in first place. Both teams had lost their first game and had to win to keep their chances. The field was amazing and offered a great playground for the skilled players of both teams.
N’Goumou controlled the french game and passed the ball to it’s fast forwards while Reynes worked in defense. Germany made good use of their ball skills and their fast horses and always kept the game tied on the score. Both teams scored but could not maintain the lead until the final chukker, Patrick Paillol scored and amazing nearside neckshot with a minute left on the clock and put France back on the race.

Final score (France): 7 – 5 ½

France: Julien Reynes 3,  Patrick Paillol 5, Pierre N’Goumou 5 and Alexandre Sztarkman 1. Total 14 goals.
Germany: Heinrich Dumrath 3, Max Bosch 3, Caesar Crasseman 3 and Caspar Crasseman 3. Total 12 goals.

Second game: England and Spain met on the main field at Chantilly Polo Club. Since both had won their first match, scoring a victory meant almost setting a foot on the World Polo Championship final round.
The game was fast paced and even during the first three chukkers, just like the games before. 17 goals in a 4 chukkers game is not something you see every day, some even really good!
The 4th and final chukker had the English team playing with their best ponies, and this helped them to score their second win, leaving them with good odds to find themselves in Sydney in October.

Final score (England): 10 – 7

England: Henry Porter 2, Mark Baldwin 3, Satnam Dhillon 5 and Will Lucas 5. Total 14 goals.
Spain: Mario Gomez 4, Antonio Ayesa 3, Pelayo Berazardi 5 and Jose Trenor 2. Total 14 goals.