KARACHI: Younis Khan who arrived back in Karachi was given a rousing welcome by fans, friends, cricket lovers. He was taken in a convoy from the Karachi airport to his home in Karachi. The legend seemed content and as always smiled to the people who had come from various areas to welcome him.

Talking to the media some of his comments were:

  • “I want to do something that can help Pakistan and it is not necessary that it is related to sports, I want to serve my nation and my country where ever it is possible”.
  • “All cricketers wants to end the career with self-respect, therefore, it was the best time for me to quit international cricket”.
  • With wet eyes he said, “ As a matter of fact I did not want to retire from international cricket.”
  • “It will not be good that I retire when I am not fit and have lost my form, it is better to call it a day when I am still fit and can do everything required – run, field, catch.”
  • In regards to  Champions Trophy – Pakistan and India match, Younis Khan suggested that “My suggestion is that the team should not be pressurized and make it into a nerve wrecking issue. All they need to do is to play their game”.
  • “ Although, I have different international coaching offers but right now I do not feel that I am ready for it.” Elaborated “that it is easy to play cricket than coaching which is a much difficult job. I have to learn coaching before stepping in the field so that I can help my country.”

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