The three day trials of Nick Faldo Golf Championship to be held in Vietnam from 31st December till 2nd January 2022. According to the event rule 5 players have to be selected in each category (mentioned in rules appended below), who will then represent their respective country in the Faldo Series Asia Grand Final 2022 at Vietnam; hopefully to be organized in March 2022.

The Pakistan trials to take place at Airmen Golf & Country Club, will be governed by the rules and regulations mentioned below:

  1. Rules
    a. The trials will be governed by the rules of golf as approved by Royal & Ancient Golf Club of ST. ANDREWS and the supplementary rules.
    b. In case of any dispute, decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final.
    c. DMDs allowed as per R&A Rule 4.3(a) 1.
  2. Eligibility
    a. Amateur golfers in accordance with rules of Amateur Status as approved by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.
    b. More than 12 years and less than 21 years on 1 January 2022.
    c. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept / reject any entry without giving any reason.
  3. Age Restriction Players shall be assigned an age category according to their date of birth as mentioned below. One player in each category (Total 5 Players) shall be selected to represent the country in the Faldo Series Asia Grand Final 2022 at Vietnam; probably in Mar 2022.
    a. Junior boy 18 – under 21 years
    b. Junior boy 16 – under 18 years
    c. Junior boy 12 – under 16 years
    d. Junior Girl 16 – under 21 years
    e. Junior Girl 12 – under 16 years

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  1. Practice Round. Complete day 29th December and up to 13.00 hours on 30th December.
  2. Registration
    a. Procedure. Registration will be done with PGF by depositing the entry fee as mentioned below physically on 29th & 30th December at Airmen Golf & Country Club.
    b. Closing Time and Date of Entry / Registration. The registration shall be opened up to 1500 hours on 30th December 2021.
    c. Entry Fee
    (i) Rs. 1,000/- for all participants.
    (ii) Rs. 3,000/- for late entry till 1900 hours on 30th December 2021.
    (iii) No entry will be entertained after 1900 hours on 30th December 2021.
  3. Lie. Tournament shall be played as fixed lie OR as decided by the Tournament Committee.
  4. Cut. Cut will be implemented as and when required by the tournament Committee.
  5. Tie. Sudden death playoff, in course order established by the Tournament Committee (only for the 1st Position / Winner). Rest count back procedure starting from 36, 18, 9, 6, 3 and last hole.
  6. Format of Play. The trials shall be held over Three (3) rounds of stroke-play (18 holes each), subject to the committee’s decision, as in the event of circumstances, when playing of 54 holes is impractical, committee reserves the right to cancel any round in portion or full. Cut may be imposed if required.
  7. Prizes
    a. Overall Winner of the 54 Holes (including Boys and Girls).
    b. Winner and Runner Up in each Category.
  8. Draws and Starting Time. The draws will be prepared by the Tournament Committee and the starting times will be posted at the notice board of the Club house. Such posting will be considered sufficient notice for information and distribution. The committee reserves the right to vary the start timings / draws, at its discretion.
  9. Disputes and Decisions. Any disputes or doubtful point on the Rules of Golf should be referred to the tournament committee as soon as possible or on completion of the round, but in any case, not later than 45 minutes after completion of the round.
    a. Decision of the referee appointed by the Committee, shall by final (Rule 20.2)
  10. b. In the absence of a referee, any dispute or doubtful point in the Rules of Golf shall be referred to the Committee, whose decisions shall be final (Rule 20.2b)
  11. c. Tournament Committee reserves the right to reject any complaint without assigning a reason.
  12. d. Misconduct / use of any unfair means during the tournament: can result in disqualification / ban, from the PGF golf matches.
  1. Tournament Committee
    a. Asad I A Khan: Tournament Director, b. Lt Col Zahid Iqbal (Retd): Chief Referee, c. Muhammad Qasim: Assistant Referee,
    d. Wng Cdr Amjad: Member, e. Mrs Humera Khalid: Lady Member.
  2. Contact Details
    a. Tel: 051-5568177, b. Cell: 0321-5076677, c. Email:, d. During Conduct of the Match: 0300-8222110.


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