LAHORE: The formidable golf playing ladies of Thailand have eclipsed the playing prowess of their opponents and managed to shine and radiate.

1st PGF Int’l Ladies Golf ’20-Pakistan: Winners group photograph with Chief Guest and Organizers – Courtesy: PGF

Phannari Meeson led the fight for honors right from the time she hit her first tee shot and never let go of her hold and command over the playing proceedings. Her tee shots on the par fours and par fives resonate perfect timing and rhythm and these shots are fittingly backed up by remarkable play from the fairways.To add an exceptional touch to her performance, she has managed to putt exceedingly well on the Defence Raya Greens that are a challenge for every accomplished golf player.

Phannari has prevailed over her adversaries with a round of 75 on the first day, a 72 on the second day and again a 72 in the final round. Through commendable play she accumulated a three days score of 219 and she achieved success rather comfortably beating her own country mate Chanettee Wannasen by a margin of five strokes. No doubt, Chanettee has also put up a determined effort, but her control over her putting was not as marked and striking as Phannari. The talented Chanettette has to be content with the runners up position with three rounds scores of 78, 73 and 73 and an aggregate of gross 224 for the three rounds.

Taniya Batasuriya of Sri Lanka was expected to perform outstandingly, but somehow the lucky breaks did not come and error calculation  in choosing the appropriate clubs let her down. Her shots found the water hazards twice and this marred her brilliance. With scores of 76, 75 and 79 and a three rounds aggregate of 230, she manages to come third.

For Pakistan the best one turned out to be the young teenager, Suneyah Osama of Garrison Golf Club. As a young one seeking international honors backed by the passionate efforts of her father, Suneyah has shown courage and determination. Her scores for the three rounds are 79, 76 and 78, an aggregate of 233 and she attains the fourth position, the best one out of the Pakistani competitors.

Humna Amjad of Pakistan ends the championship at a score of 242 along with Lana Ardini, Malaysia. Another one from Malaysia, Maisrah Muhammed  finished at 244, followed by Kayla Perera of Sri Lanka at 247, Aaniya Farooq (Pakistan) 250, Nada Mir(Qatar) 253, Magala Evah (Uganda) 255.

In the race for honors in handicap category 14-24, the gross winner was Nazanin Shahraki of Iran with a score of gross 160.

“Pakistan has been rewarding for me” said Nazanin “what makes the visit to Pakistan memorable is that I have won the first gross in handicap category 14-24 “. Second gross went to Momina Tarrar of Royal Palm. Third position holder is Syeda Iman Ali Shah of Gymkhana.

Net winner of handicap category 14-24 is Hadiya Osama of Garrison Golf Club. Second net winner is Rubbina Nasir of Defence Raya and third net position was secured by Rafaqat Abjad (Rawalpindi).

Gross winners in handicap category 25-36 are Sana Zeeshan, Rabia Tiwana and Munazza Azhar. Net winners are Adina Ataullah (Garrison), Babirye Sarah (Uganda) and Minaa Zainab (Royal Palm).

Cheerful and sparkling tidings were spelt out for Pakistan by the Manager of Ugandan Team Eva Magala who is also President of Uganda Golf Union, who said “Asia and Africa, lets golf together”. And Dr. Shami told the Chief referee, read the golf rules with your heart, understand them with your heart but apply them with care and affection.

Team event was won by Thailand and Inter Association Team match winner was Punjab.

At the conclusion of the 1st PGF International Ladies Golf Championship, Begum Samina Alvi, First Lady of Pakistan honored the participating golfers with her presence and awarded prizes to the top performers.


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