The winners of 1st President PGA Open Golf Championship 2023 were Muhammed Shahzad in the Professionals Category, Damil Ataullah in the Amateur Section and Hamna Amjad in the Ladies head to head contest.

The President Championship 2023 fully endorsed by PGA-Punjab Golf Association was contested over six days at the par 72 PAF Skyview Golf Course in Lahore.

Winners of 1st President PGA Open Golf Championship 2023 – PGF/Allsportspk

Others who also deserve a mention are Muhammed Akram (Senior Professional Winner), Rehan Babar (Junior Professional Winner) and M. Ayub (Senior Amateur Winner).

As for the high achievers, Muhammed Shahzad of Lahore Garrison had the honour of prevailing over the otherwise unbeatable 200 titles winner, Muhammed Shabbir Iqbal in a contest of excellence and this hard working champion now finds himself as the new hero of professional golf in Pakistan.

In the race for high achievement amongst amateurs, the very young one Damil Ataullah held sway over some strong adversaries to emerge as the best amateur. Vis a vis the ladies, Hamna Amjad, still in her teens found herself up against players like Abeeha Syed and Parkha Ijaz and played dauntlessly to emerge as the Ladies Title winner.

Detailed Results of all events professionals:

Muhammed Shahzad, winner; Muhammed Shabbir Iqbal, runner up; M. Naeem, third.

Senior Professionals: Muhammed Akram, Winner; Nisar Hussain, Second; Muhammed Tariq, third.

Junior Professionals: Rehan Babar, Winner; Ashass Amjad, runner up; Abid Iqbal, third.

Amateur: Damil Ataullah, Winner; Shahzaib, runner up; Qasim Ali Khan, third.

Amateur Net: Nouman Ilyas, first net; Sharaan Ali, 2nd net; Hussain Hamid, 3rd net.

Senior Amateur: Lt Col M. Ayub, first gross; Tariq Mehmood, second gross; Col Raja Asif Mehdi, 3rd gross;

Senior Amateur Net: Dr Hameed Awan, first net; Saadullah Tiwana, second net; Col Ikram ul Haq, third net.

Ladies Amateur: Hamna Amjad, Winner; Abeeha Syed, runner up; Parkha Ijaz, third.

The President PGA, Lt Gen Abdul Aziz (Retd) honoured the top performers. He also shared that Punjab Golf Association had set up a golf academy at Lahore Garrison Greens and a Summer Coaching Camp was in progress to train selected young ones who will be lent full financial backing and technical support. He also shared that PGA will be sending coaches to schools to familiarize and attract students to the game of golf.

1st President PGA Open Golf C’ship 2023: Round 1 | M. Shahzad & W. Baloch Sparkle

The 1st President PGA Open Golf Championship 2023 went into a golfing combat and engaged in high toned golf action between the top 100 golf professionals of Pakistan at the immaculate PAF Skyview Golf Arena in Lahore.

At the end of the first round in this three rounds Golf Championship involving only the golf professionals, Muhammed Shahzad of Lahore Garrison and Waheed Baloch of Karachi Golf Club appeared as the distinguished ones by virtue of a brilliant first round similar score of four under par 68. Shahzad scored a 68 as did Waheed.

The field includes the nationally acclaimed Muhammad Shabbir, and the celebrated ones like M. Matloob, Muhammed Munir and Shahid Javed Khan, so the first round deeds of Shahzad and Waheed need to be admired and endorsed as it enabled them to radiate as top performers while the super ones languish behind the leaders.

Right from the start, Muhammed Shahzad looked unperturbed and as the holes were completed he thrived by playing stunning golf. Along the way he birdied the 3rd hole, the 6th hole and then the 8th and on the back nine lost a stroke on the 12th hole . Shahzad  birdied the 17th and 18th holes and encountered a bogey on the 12th hole. Hardly bothered by this set back, Shahzad remained sufficiently calm to regain his rhythm and birdied closing 17th and  18th holes. His card of 68, four under par can be graded as appreciative. “The golf course was just fascinating,” he said and “ I enjoyed playing crisp and accurate shots from the fairways”. “Indeed PAF Team have prepared the golf course amply well”.

As for his leaderboard mate Waheed Baloch, the first round has been an illustrious one. Helped by six birdies, ten regulation pars and two unwanted bogies, Waheed remained a paramount one of the first day and hopes to remain a formidable one in the remaining days.

Two strokes in arrears is a matured golf professional of our national golf circuit, Muhammed Nazir of Rawalpindi Golf Club. During the first round his rhythm was good but failed to cause ripples of stunning golf a feature that is expected of him.

1st President PGF All Pakistan Caddies Golf: Taimoor Khan 2021 Champion

Other performers in the professional section are Mudassir Iqbal (Karachi), Kamran Shafiq (Gymkhana), Muhammed Alam and Usman Ali (Lahore Garrison), Umair Saleem (Garrison Greens) and the herculean one Muhammed Shabbir (Islamabad). They are all together at a score of gross 71, one under par.

At a score of par-72 are Kashif Masih, Muhammed Saqib and M. Matloob (all from Lahore Garrison) and Muhammed Asif from Defence Raya. Six competitors are bunched together at a score of gross 73. They are Shahid Javed Khan, Abdul Zahoor, Muhammed Azam, Muhammed Zubair, Jafal Hussain and Muhammed Sajjad.

The contest is wide open and the second round promises exciting competitive flow.

Senior professionals and Junior professionals will tee off on Tuesday and compete over two rounds. In the professional section a cut will be placed at the conclusion of the second round on Tuesday at the PAF Skyview Golf Course.