1st Super Kabaddi League: Gujrat Warriors Become “The Champions 2018”

Gujrat Warriors besides becoming the Champions 2018 also became winners of the 1st Pakistan Super Kabaddi League.

The Gujrat Warriors which is the Gujrat Kabaddi Team convincingly beat their strong team Faisalabad Sherdils. The final score was as displayed below:

Final Score

Faisalabad Sherdils vs Gujrat Warriors

27               39 

 Team Gujrat 

Best Player of the Final Match  

1st Super Kabaddi League: Faisalabad Sherdils & Gujrat Warriors in the Finals

Mr. Tehseen Ullah 

 Gujrat Kabaddi Team 

    Best Player of the Super Kabaddi League  

  Mr. Nasir Ali 

     Faisalabad Kabaddi Team

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