In the 2021 Inter Club Golf Teams contest for predominance, the 20 member Royal Palm Golf Team triumphed over the proficient Lahore Gymkhana and Defence Raya Golf Teams. This was due to the coherence, exceptional application of golfing skills and a tactical master plan devised by their Captain Shahid Abbas that facilitated their well deserved befitting achievement.

Captain Shahid Abbas of Royal Palm Golf Team receiving the Trophy of 2021 Inter Club Golf Teams contest held at Defence Raya Golf Course, Lahore, Pakistan – Allsportspk

The final day on Tuesday was a singles match play competition contested at the beautiful Defence Raya Golf Course and all credit to the Royal Palm golfers for adapting consummately and  professionally to the arduous and demanding conditions rampant at the par 72 Defence Raya Golf Course.

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At the start of the final day on Tuesday it was Lahore Gymkhana in the lead with Gymkhana placed at 48 points, Royal Palm at 42 points and Defence Raya at 30 points after the completion of first two  rounds competition. 

The final 18 holes competition yesterday at Defence Raya Golf Course was crucial and at stake in the singles match play contest was a total of 60 points which means that the ultimate triumphant one could have been either of the three teams.

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Early on Tuesday the championship commenced after a lot of handshakes and though many smiles were exchanged, the battle oriented atmosphere was anticipation and strain loaded. Captains of the three teams time took time to strategize and brief their mates. The game progressed with accurate hitting and crisp shot making and all through the 18 holes ,noticeable was the intensity as each participant attempted to outwit his adversary through superb application of golfing skills.

As the match reached an exciting conclusion the Royal Palm team compiled 25 points, Gymkhana fetched 15.5 points and Defence Raya managed 19.5 points. In this way the Royal Palm team commanded their way to supremacy with a total compilation of 67 points followed by Gymkhana 63.5. points and Defence Raya 49.5 points. If we take the contest round by round, Royal Palm had topped in the first round at Royal Palm while Gymkhana moved ahead after the second round at Gymkhana Golf Course and in the final outing yesterday Royal Palm moved ahead principally  rightfully claiming the prized trophy through an overall winning aggregate with Gymkhana as runners up.

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In this effort the champions who performed admirably for Royal Palm were Hussain Hamid, Azfar Hassan, Faisal Malik, Asim Tiwana, M. Abid, Mohsen Zafar, Imran Chaudry, Abdullah Sharif, Asim Zafar, Hassan Atta, Usman Cheema, Hassan Naseem, Dr Nadeem Mukhtar, Rana Imran and their Captain, Shahid Abbas.

For the Gymkhana Golf Team, those who performed impressively were Ahsan Khawaja, Taimur Shabbir, Tanvir Najm and Omer Farooq. 

The outstanding ones for Defence Raya were Mohammed Ibrahim, Abdullah Khan and Hassan Arshed.


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