Pakistan Scrabbble Team at the Pakistan/India Atari border, on way to participate in Asia Cup Youth Scrabble Championship being held in New Delhi – Allsportspk

Pakistan Scrabble team consisting of present World Youth and Ex-Champions arrived in India to participate in the Asia Cup Youth Scrabble Championship being held in New Delhi from 25th to 27th November.

An eleven member Pakistan team is led by the newly crowned World Youth champion Ali Salman and Hasham Hadi Khan who are the favourite’s to win the championship.

Scrabble World Youth Cup: Pakistan Are The β€˜Team & Individual Champions 2021’

Tariq Pervez – The Team Management Leader, mentioned with confidence to Allsportspk, that Pakistan scrabblers track record speaks for itself and presently Pakistan being the No. 1 World Youth team is moreover the favourites to win the trophy.

According to organiser’s around 60 players from 10 countries are participating in the championship.

Pakistan Team Members
Hasham Hadi Khan
Ali Salman
Affan Salman
Ahmed Salman
Bilal Asher
Monis Khan
Sehaan Owais
Azlan Qazi
Shan e Abbas
Manal Asher
Hawra Fatima
Mr. Tariq Pervez is the Team Management Leader


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