On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day Celebrations of Pakistan, the Pakistan National Bridge Tournament was organised at the bridge tables of Lahore Gymkhana Club. For full three days, some of the Pakistan’s bridge playing wizards teamed up under different banners and remained involved in bridge sessions that reflected team connectivity, sharpness of bids, intense attentiveness.

The winning JK team of 2022 Pakistan National Bridge Independence Day
Tournament held at Lahore Gymkhana Club – Allsportspk

A total of ten teams registered for this Championship and contested over nine fatiguing and arduous rounds and brilliant names of the bridge arena were all there to impact the happenings of this national event and in the process acclaim the 75 years-Diamond Jubilee of the country’s independence.

Conducted under the supervision of Pakistan Bridge Federation’s International Tournament Director, Ihsan Qadir, at the end of nine debilitating rounds, the champion team turned out to be the JK Team comprising of renowned players – Javed Khalid, Saeed Akhter, Imran Gardezi, Arsalan Mansoor and Umer Aslam. Their winning points total was 137.67. The Runners up team compiling 114.57 points was the Baghi TV Team comprising of Jahangir Ahmed, Ghias A. Malik, Ghalib Bandesha, Mirza Shauq Hussain, Asad Maqbool and Mubashir Luqman. The team that came third was the Pakistan Greens Team consisting of team members Col. Nadir, Imran Karim, Col. Rana and Suleman Bokhari. Points tally for Pakistan Greens was 111.51.

Other team standings: SPEL 101.29 point, Suri Estate 89.03 points, Start Ahead 83.91 points, Izzo-4 81.87 points, Pakistan Aces 81.06 points, Silver Star 70.52 points, Noorpur 28.57 points.

The Pairs event winning pair was Mirza Shauq Hussain and Imran Abeedi.