ITC Open Tennis Championships ended successfully with Semifinals and Finals being played. Men Singles final was the main attraction of the day where Hamza Asim and Yawer Ali showing their class especially playing outstanding long rallies from the back of the court. In the Super tie break Hamza Asim showed powerful forehand and changed the match in his favour. In Ladies category Marukh won her title.

Mr. Hassan Baig Vice President of Islamabad Tennis Association along with Mr. Fazal e Subhan of Impetus and Madam Khadeja Laghri distributed the prizes among the winners and runner ups. for the outstanding support.

Men Singles Main Results:

Semifinal: Hamza Asim bt Zalan Khan 8-2; Yawar Ali bt Salar Khan 8-6
Final: Hamza Asim bt Yawar Ali 6-3,4-6 (10-6) Super Tie break

Men Doubles Results:
Final: Yawar Ali and Zalan bt Murtaza Khan and Amin Khan 6-3,3-6, (10-7) Tie break

Ladies Singles:
Final: Marukh Sajid bt Lalarukh Sajid 8-4

Under 18 Boys:
Final: Mohammad Salar bt Haziq Asim 6-3, 5-7, (10-6) Tie break

Under 14 Boys:
Final: Haziq Asim bt Abdul Wasay 6-0,6-3

Under 18 Girls:
Semifinal: Marukh bt Ayesha 8-4; Lalarukh bt Amara Khan 8-4

Final: Marukh bt Lalarukh 8-2

Under 14 Girls:
Semifinal: Lalarukh bt Aysha 8-4; Marukh bt Zara 8-1

Final: Lalarukh Sajid bt Marukh Sajid 8-3

Under 12 Boys/Girls:
Semifinal: Abdul Wasay bt Sophei 5-3; Mahd Mehmood bt 5-2

Final: Abdul Wasay bt Mahd Mehmood 5-1

Under 10 Boys/Girls:
Semifinal: Amir Maqsood bt Behroze 5-2; Ayesha bt Anaya 4-2

Final: Ayesha bt Amir Maqsood 5-3

Quarter & Semi Matches Played

ITC Open Tennis Championships commenced with 80 plus entries for different categories of the Championships. The categories are: Men’s Singles, Men;s Doubles, Ladies Singles, Girl’s Under 18, Girl’s Under 14, Boy’s under 18, Boy’s under 14, Boy’s and Girl’s under 12 and Boy’s and Girl’s under 10 events.

Semifinals of the events will be played tomorrow after 12pm while finals will be played at 4pm.

Men Singles Main Results:
1st Round: Hamza Asim bt Hammad Ali 8-2; Petro bt Taimur Adil 8-2; Mustansir Ali bt Inam Qadir 8-4;
Zalan bt Ali Akbar Ali Malik 8-2; Awais Iqbal bt Ali zain 8-2; Muhammad Salar bt Adnan Rasheed 8-4;
Abdullah Shafaqat bt Haseeb Inayat 8-1; Yawar Ali bt Abdul Rehman 8-0

Quarterfinal: Hamza Asim bt Petro 8-0; Zalan Khan bt Mustansir Ali 8-2; Mohammad Salar bt Awais
Iqbal 8-2; Yawer Ali bt 8-3

Men Doubles Results:
Quarterfinal: Raja Asif & Sardar bt Faisal Khan & Asim sheikh 8-3; Kashif Khan and Khurram Baig bt
Awais Ahmed and Mustafa 8-4; Zalan Khan and Yawer Ali bt Taimoor Adil and Akbar Ali 8-4; Murtaza
Khan and Ameen Khan bt Raja Safdar and Saleem Abbassi 8-2

Semifinal: Yawar Ali and Zalan bt Raja Asif and Sardar Sami 8-2; Murtaza Khan and Amin Khan bt Kashif
Khan and Khurram Baig 8-3

Ladies Singles:
Quarterfinal: Shandana Rabi bt Ayesha Masood 8-1; Amara khan bt Dana Psenicova 8-2; Lalarukh Sajjid
bt Zarmeena 8-2; Marrukh Sajjid bt Asma 8-4

Semi final: LalaRukh bt Shandana Rabi 8-2; Marrukh Sajjid bt Amara Khan 8-2

Under 18 Boys:
Quarterfinal: Mustansir Ali bt Hamza Asim 8-3; Mohammad Salar bt Abdul Wasay 8-2; Sameer Kiyani bt
Ali Zain 8-0; Haziq Asim bt Inam Qadir 8-4

Under 14 Boys:
Quarterfinal: Ammar Masood bt Suleman Niazi 8-2; Sameer Maqsood bt Orhan Sohail 8-0; Abdul Wasay
bt Awais Khan 8-3; Haziq Asim bt Ameen Khan 8-2

Semifinal: Haziq Hamza bt Ammar Khan 8-0; Abdul Wasay bt Sameer Maqsood 8-2

Under 18 Girls:
Quarterfinal: Amara Khan bt Quratulain 8-2; Ayesha Masood bt Zara Shebaz 8-6; Marrukh Sajjid bt
Yasmeen 8-1; Lalarukh Sajjid bt Amna Ali 8-3

Under 14 Girls:
Quarterfinal: Lalarukh Sajjid bt Shiza Khan 8-1; Ayesha Masood bt Noreen 8-3; Zara Shebaz bt Sonia 8-5;
Marrukh Sajjid bt Ayesha 8-2

Under 12 Boys/Girls:
Quarterfinal: Abdul Wasay bt Ayesha 5-1; Sofia bt Amir 4-2; Beroze bt Ayan 5-0; Mahd Mehmood bt
Ozair Maqsood 5-0

Under 10 Boys/Girls:
1st Round: Amir Masood bt Adnan Raja ZTBL 4-1; Amna Maqsood bt Khushi Shebaz 4-1; Wania bt Hashim
Usman 4-2; Behroz bt Arham 5-2; Asad Khan bt Arshad 8-2; Anaya bt Wishal Arshad 4-2; Ayesha Masood
bt Anaya Khan 4-0


Amir bt Amina 4-0; Behroze bt Wania 4-1; Anaya bt Asad 4-2; Ayesha bt Qasim 4-1