KARACHI: The Signature 2nd Ranking Scrabble Tournament started today at the Generation’s School, S.I.T.E Karachi.

Due to winter vacations starting it was decided to keep this event over 2 days days comprising of two categories A and B. This gave players a better chance to improve their stamina of playing multiple day tournaments and also improve their overall game.

One of the biggest highlights was that in the very first game of Category A, 8 year old Bilal Asher beat the senior most player and the one of the oldest member of PSA, Mr. Fahim Naqvi.

2nd Ranking Scrabble Tournament 2019: Day 1- Bilal the 8 year old who beat Mr. Fahim a senior player and also a trainer – Courtesy: PSA

Day 1 – Division A – Round 9 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
19–0+1174Khatri, Waseem (A6)1W:497-374:A10
28–1+712Rashid, Ali (A15)1W:376-373:A21
37–2+250Altaf, Nasir (A23)2W:438-390:A12
46–3+778Pervez, Tariq (A14)2W:486-284:A7
56–3+670Baig, Moiz (A10)2L:374-497:A6
65–4+314Waqar, Saim (A21)2L:373-376:A15
75–4+280Khan, Basil (A9)1W:421-353:A11
85–4+240Shaukat, Usman (A19)1L:420-457:A16
95–4−105Baig, Waseem (A16)2W:457-420:A19
105–4−162Khatri, Salha (A12)1L:390-438:A23
115–4−357Riaz, Momina (A4)2W:363-353:A17
124–5+295Murtaza, Aun (A1)2L:341-377:A18
134–5+142Siddiqui, Anwar (A7)1L:284-486:A14
144–5+94Sami, Foaad (A20)2L:303-334:A13
154–5+91Shaukat, Noor (A18)1W:377-341:A1
164–5+21Ahmed, Aehzam (A11)2L:353-421:A9
174–5−243Qazi, Azlan (A13)1W:334-303:A20
183–6−254Naqvi, Fahim (A2)2W:446-393:A22
193–6−272Wahid, Abdul (A17)1L:353-363:A4
203–6−492Abbas, Shane (A8)1W:395-354:A3
213–6−796Atta, Ahmed (A3)2L:354-395:A8
222–7−698Asher, Bilal (A5)2L:360-377:A24
232–7−779Farhan, Anas (A24)1W:377-360:A5
242–7−903Aziz, Anjum (A22)1L:393-446:A2

Day 1 – Division B – Round 8 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
18–0+863Faisal, Huzaifa (B26)2W:409-315:B152nd vs. B2 @1
26–2+825Jabbar, Moviz (B2)2W:270-158:B221st vs. B26 @1
36–2+680Salman, Ali (B10)1W:401-323:B271st vs. B15 @2
46–2+106Vohra, Saad (B25)2W:341-293:B241st vs. B1 @5
55–3+742Ahmed, Fawaz (B7)2W:370-309:B12nd vs. B22 @7
65–3+394Salahuddin, Aaish (B15)1L:315-409:B262nd vs. B10 @2
75–3+278Adnan, Hamda (B8)2W:285-265:B51st vs. B6 @6
85–3+244Khawer, Rao (B24)1L:293-341:B252nd vs. B27 @3
95–3+198Asher, Manaal (B27)2L:323-401:B101st vs. B24 @3
105–3+174Atika, Syeda (B6)2W:355-324:B142nd vs. B8 @6
115–3+80Owais, Sehan (B16)1W:324-284:B232nd vs. B11 @11
125–3+74Ahmed, Hassan (B1)1L:309-370:B72nd vs. B25 @5
134½–3½−186Aziz, Maryam (B19)2W:120-105:B32nd vs. B5 @10
144–4+400Farhan, Habiba (B22)1L:158-270:B21st vs. B7 @7
154–4−621Baig, Baashar (B13)1W:254-242:B112nd vs. B18 @4
163½–4½−198Safee, Muhammad (B11)2L:242-254:B131st vs. B16 @11
173–5+222Hawra, Syeda (B5)1L:265-285:B81st vs. B19 @10
183–5−7Mukarram, Manhamah (B14)1L:324-355:B61st vs. B3 @8
193–5−126Jabbar, Abdullah (B3)1L:105-120:B192nd vs. B14 @8
203–5−187Shahadat, Aiza (B20)2L:276-313:B182nd vs. B23 @12
213–5−262Siddiqui, Sabihuddin (B18)1W:313-276:B201st vs. B13 @4
223–5−288Haseeb, Abdul (B23)2L:284-324:B161st vs. B20 @12
233–5−327Kareem, Hamza (B17)2W:178-168:B282nd vs. B28 @13
243–5−641Shahadat, Ayaan (B21)2W:74-43:B121st vs. B12 @9
252–6−540Salman, Ahmed (B28)1L:168-178:B171st vs. B17 @13
262–6−766Aijaz, Aayan (B4)1W:117-70:B92nd vs. B9 @14
271–7−343Faisal, Taha (B12)1L:43-74:B212nd vs. B21 @9
281–7−788Adnan, Mishal (B9)2L:70-117:B41st vs. B4 @14

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