The final of the Gobi’s Paints 3rd U19 Junior Polo Championship 2022 will be played between BX Polo Team and Remington JPF on Friday, 21st January at JPF Jinnah Polo Fields, Lahore at 2:45 pm. 

According to JPF management announcement, the Final which was to be held on Saturday, has been changed due to expected rain. Elaborating the Jinnah Polo Fields President, Lt Col, (R) Shoaib Aftab, explained that the final event has been shifted a day before, to ensure that the junior players have an opportunity to play and compete, rather not being able to play at all, due to weather projections from Saturday and onwards.

The team players to play the finals are:

BX Polo Team consists of Muhammad Matloob Aizad, Makhdoom Murad Shah, Mustafa Zeeshan, Mustafa Yousaf Rasool and Amal Raza.

Remington JPF Team comprises of Faris Noorudin, Basel Faisal Khokhar, Nazar Dean Ali Khan and Syed Muhammad Turab Rizvi.


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