The Pakistan Bilateral Scrabble series continue for the 5th week in a row. The Pakistan team with each passing event has performed extraordinary well, especially even against scrabble giant teams from Nigeria and Thailand. Today the winning streak continued with both the Pakistan teams winning against Malaysian side. The final scores were: Team A: Pakistan 34 – Malaysia 30; Team B (Under 18 age group): Pakistan 47.5 – Malaysia 16.5

About today’s performance Allsportspk discussed with Imaad Ali who is the youngest ever player to win the Junior World Scrabble Championship. According to him, “in the Team A encounter after 7 rounds, the competition was extremely close with Pakistan marginally leading 29-27. Thereby, the final outcome was centered in the last 8th round. Once again, our scrabble stars rose up to the occasion, eventually winning 34-30.

During the last round Hassan Hadi Khan was the eventual winner, who won a close last round 479-470 while Daniyal Sanaullah continued his brilliant form with a comprehensive win.

In the Team B category which included players under 18 years of age, the Pakistan’s youth are internationally already a dominate and formidable force. Pakistan occupies all top 9 Junior World positions except one age category position.

In the showdown with Malaysia B team the world class of Pakistan youngsters was evident as they won it very comprehensively with a score of 47.5-16.5. Imaad Ali sharing his views said, “Hasham Hadi Khan continued his stellar run, remained unbeaten and occupied the 1st position. Usman Shaukat and Saim Waqar also showcased their talent, with 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. While 10 year old Aehzam Ahmed won some close games to finish 5th.”

Pakistan Vs Malaysia – Final Result Sheets