During 2020 Tokyo Olympics games, Shinichi Ueno former president of a major Japanese advertising admitted to offering at least 14 million yen to an official to secure sponsorship contract.

Shinichi Ueno

He pleaded guilty of bribing an Olympics official to secure a coveted sponsorship contract for the Tokyo Games. In court Ueno stated “Nothing stated is wrong,” after prosecutors implied a list of allegations on him.

Till now the scandal has involved a suit retailer, a publishing firm and even a merchandise company licensed to sell soft toys of the Olympic Games mascots. Prosecutors while investigating the scandal have arrested three businessmen and another former senior Tokyo Olympics. The four men are accused of corrupt practices in a string of probably open competitive bids and limited tender Olympics contracts supposedly amounting to about a total of 40 billion yen (US$305 million).

The prosecutors alleged that around 14 million yen (US$103,000) was offered by Ueno to then-Tokyo Games executive Haruyuki Takahashi to ensure sponsorship deals for ADK Holdings, Japan’s third largest advertising agency. Prosecutors explained that Ueno was becoming eager as his advertising company had not acquired a single contract.

Takahashi is mostly considered as a pioneer of sports marketing in Japan. He is presently facing multiple charges in regards to a chain of alleged bribes, reported to be around 200 million yen.


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