Since many weeks the confusion of the Tour de France being held or not, came to same ending – Cancellation, as many of the sporting events, including the biggest of them all – the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The organizers finally announced that due to the coronavirus attack, the famous cycling race will not be held on the scheduled date of 27th June 2020.

The race as twice before during World Wars I and II been cancelled.

The final decision was made and announced in the speech of the French President, Emmanuel Macron in which the lockdown period of all major public events were canceled till mid-July.

The organizers are optimistic that the three-week race will still take place during 2020, in the Riviera city of Nice. However, added that they are consulting with the International Cycling Union to figure out the new dates.

Tour de France organizationally is a major event as it has major fan following, thereby, many regions welcome the happening of this race in a carnival manner. The 2020 race has 21 stages in its plan with the lengthiest stage being of 218 kilometers.

It is expected that the new plans along with dates may be announced by the end of April 2020.