Allsportspk Fitness Corner: Importance Of Good Posture

A correct posture is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Improper sitting and resting postures can be a source of seriously painful backaches and migraines.

A good posture requires spreading the force of gravity throughout our body, so no single structure is overburdened. Posture impacts the way we walk, exercise and carry out our daily tasks.

The proper positioning of our spines is imperative in order to feel healthy and relaxed.

A good posture makes breathing easier, improves circulation and digestion and helps to keep our bones and joints properly aligned. Aside from the numerous health benefits, a good posture renders a more confident image of oneself and can instantly make a person look slimmer and younger.

A bad posture can cause neck herniations (the rupturing of the gel-like center of a spinal disc), migraines and severe body pain.

There are certain ways in which we can improve our posture and alleviate the related pain.

  • Keeping our legs uncrossed while in a resting position and putting a small pillow under our knees can take the pressure off of our hips and shift it to the bend in the knees. This helps to reduce hip and lower back pain, a common source of discomfort amongst middle-aged people.
  • Providing support to the lower back by placing a small folded pillow behind the lower back gives it lumbar support. Moreover, giving the head a resting place by providing support to the neck takes away all the pressure and weight of gravity off of the neck, shoulders and lower back. While reading a book, it is advised to place another pillow to give height to the book, which provides a resting place for the arms and gives a better line of sight to read comfortably.

These small changes, if incorporated in our lifestyles, can tremendously ease our physical pain, leading to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Integrating small exercises like yoga in our daily routines can help in building strength and increasing flexibility in our muscles to improve posture.

When one feels better and healthier, productivity naturally increases. As said famously, “The groundwork of all happiness is health”

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