According to TIU press release, there was an increase in the first quarter match alerts which were linked to suspension in tennis.

The release stated:

Between January and 22 March 2020 the TIU received a total of 38 match alerts through its Memorandums of Understanding with the regulated betting industry. This compares to 21 alerts for the same period in 2019, a year in which the fewest alerts were recorded since data was first published in 2015.

The increase of reported matches in the first quarter of 2020 is an indication that the entry levels of professional tennis were deliberately targeted by corruptors, as the sport moved towards suspension due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In anticipation of heightened integrity concerns when tennis resumes, the TIU, in conjunction with the governing bodies of tennis, is developing an education and awareness campaign to inform and support players, officials and tournament staff.

Further details will be announced in due course.

Match Alerts: January to 22 March 2020

  • ATP Challenger           6
  • ITF WTT Men            16
  • ITF WTT Women       16
  • Total                       38

TIU match alert policy

  • every alert reported to the TIU is recorded, assessed and followed up as an indicator that something inappropriate may have happened.  It is important to appreciate that an alert on its own is not evidence of match-fixing;
  • there are many reasons other than corrupt activity that can explain unusual betting patterns, such as incorrect odds-setting; well-informed betting; player fitness, fatigue and form; playing conditions and personal circumstances;
  • where analysis of a match alert does suggest corrupt activity, the TIU will conduct a full, confidential investigation.


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