Martial Arts – UFC: Fights That Ended In A Disqualification

UFC Fight Night 143 hit the features for a wide range of reasons the this previous month; not least on account of the disputable completion to the Greg Hardy versus Allen Crowder session which saw previous NFL star, Hardy got an uncommon preclusion, denying him a success in his UFC debut.

For a game that was at first showcased as having “No rules”, the UFC dependably has had a few. Indeed, even route back at UFC 1 in November 1993, there was no eye gouging or fish snaring permitted.

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As the UFC has pushed ahead and picked up acknowledgment as a standard game from State Athletic Commissions, it has presented weight classes and a significantly more point by point rule book to guarantee the wellbeing of all warriors is 100% vital.

It shows up the disputable Hardy has not completed the process of perusing said principle book as he was on the wrong end of a DQ choice when he prior looked like winning the battle.

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Tough hit a brought down Crowder with a knee to the head which is unlawful because of how risky a move it is.

In spite of what numerous spectators may think about Hardy by and by and his past transgressions are in general society space for individuals to make up their own psyche, it truly appears as though the culpable blow was not implied as a modest favorable position, but rather due just to the reality he did not realize the move was not permitted.

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Which is unbelievable when you consider it. The blame for these negative features lies soundly with UFC for booking such an unpracticed contender (this is his fourth star battle, and preceding this session had just gone through around two minutes inside a MMA ring) in a highlighted spot on a noteworthy card.

Hardy will get another opportunity yet it might take a while for him to shake off the picture as an alternate route taker.

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In any case, Hardy is not simply the primary man to discover on the wrong side of a DQ in the UFC a long way from it. In this article, Allsportspk presents 5 events from the UFC’s past where a contender has lost a battle by means of DQ.

#5 Matt Riddle vs Greg Soto – UFC 111 (March 27, 2010)


Matt Riddle is at present wrestling for WWE’s NXT brand. Before that, he was a semi-effective MMA warrior in the UFC. Back at UFC 111, he was hoping to bob once again from his first profession misfortune to Nick Osipczak at UFC 105 four months sooner.

Despite the fact that he would get another indent in the success section, he was not content with the way of his “triumph” and all things considered.

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As Riddle got away from Greg Soto’s watchman, Soto crushed him with a horrendous up kick that put Riddle out. The issue being that Riddle was on his knees. As specialists went to Riddle, the youth had no memory of what had occurred. That was sufficient for them to stop the battle and the choice was made to preclude Soto.

A profoundly unacceptable approach to end what had been an engaging session yet the forces that be maintained the UFC’s principles splendidly here.

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