New Zealand law makers introduced the worlds first legislation, due to which the next generation will not be able to legally buy cigarettes.

While introducing the law to create a smoke-free generation, Ms. Ayesha Verrall the associate minister for health stated that, β€œFor decades we have permitted tobacco companies to maintain their market share by making their deadly product more and more addictive. It is disgusting and it is bizarre. We have more regulations in this country on the safety of the sale of a sandwich than on a cigarette.”

The features and objective of the new measures are:

Gradually install a system of steadily increasing the age of teenagers to legally purchase cigarettes.

Dramatically reduce the nicotine level in cigarettes.

Forcefully ensure that cigarettes are sold only through tobacco stores, and not via any other stores, supermarkets, etc.

The law which is expected to become effect from 2023, targets only tobacco products, while vaping (electronic cigarettes) will remain legal.


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