Tiger Woods was officially inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame at the event which was held at PGA Tour headquarters.

The 46 old golf great was elected to the Hall of Fame during March 2020 and was to be inducted the in 2021, however, due to COVID-19 pandemic the ceremony was delayed.

Woods was among four people who were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Others are:

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  • – Susie Maxwell Berning, 11 times winner on the LPGA Tour and who won the U.S. Women’s Open three times.
  • – Tim Finchem former tour commissioner, who led the league from 1994-2016.
  • – Marion Hollins, who passed away in 1944, was honoured and inducted posthumously.

Woods’ induction into Hall of Fame has been delayed although his worth and credibility was never in doubt and it is not difficult to reason why! The great does not only have 15 major championships and a record-tying 82 tour wins up his sleeves, but since his first win in 1996, as his name Tiger evidences – he with complete authority changed the sport of golf.

Woods, was officially inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame after being introduced by Sam, his 14-year-old daughter.

Tiger Wood overpowered by emotions said, “I got to this position because of my upbringing, having two unbelievable parents, but I didn’t get here alone, I know that Golf is an individual; sport. We do things on our own a lot for hours in End.”

Tigers Style of Accomplishing

The manner in which Woods has achieved his colours, distinguishes him from others…

In 2000 claimed the U.S. Open by 15 strokes, which marked his 5th major championship at the time and his 3rd alone in that season. 8 years later won the same event on a broken leg.

When only 21 years old he won the first major Championship – Masters in 1997, by 12 shots.

In 2019, Woods had his fifth green jacket despite having multiple back surgeries.

Youngest player at 24 to complete the career Grand Sla in 2000.

Only player to win 4 straight majors which came to be known as “Tiger Slam”

Since his car crash during 2021, which moreover cost him his right leg, Woods has not played. Last year alongwith his son, Charlie, did compete in the modified PNC Championship but he has been struggling to walk and not been able to play on a full-time basis.

Although first time seen since the accident, he walked into the Hall of Fame without anything supporting or covering his leg.

During the ceremony, Woods did not exactly touch upon the future plans but he repeatedly mentioned that eventually he will be back. Although having become a Golf Hall of Fame legend, what else can he prove is rather difficult to think about.