Pakistan cueist’s – Defending Champion Muhammad Asif, Ahsan Ramzan, Muhammad Sajjad made history as all three qualified for the Semi-finals of IBSF Men Snooker Championships in Doha, Qatar 2021.

This is the first time in World Snooker history that all participating cueists from the same country which is Pakistan have qualified for Semis and out of four Semi-finalist three are from the same team – Pakistan and only one from another country – Amir Sarkhosh.

With this another unique history will also made – 3 or at least first 2 positions of World Snooker Championship will be held by cueist from same country team – Pakistan.

According to recent Allsportspk updates the two Semi finals to be played are:

Semi-final 1: Muhammad Sajjad Vs Amir Sarkhosh

Semi-final 2: Muhammad Asif Vs Ahsan Ramzan


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