Pak-Indo sub-continents greatest athletes, Milkha Singh, aged 91 scummed to Covid ’19 disease.

Normally known as “the Flying Sikh”, Singh was winner of Asian golds medals and had also participated in the 400m final at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

The Flying Sikh title got associated with Singh when in 1960, he participated in the 200m event at an International Athletic competition in Lahore, Pakistan. According to Singh while awarding him the gold medal, the President of Pakistan, Mohammad Ayub said, “Milkha, you came to Pakistan and did not run. You actually flew in Pakistan. Pakistan bestows upon you the title of the Flying Sikh.” Since then it became his nickname and carried on for rest pof hos life.

During May, Singh had contracted Covid-19 and died due to certain complications. Nirmal Kaur, Singh’s wife, a former volleyball captain, also died aged 85, because of Covid a week earlier.