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Humans have always been fascinated by horses and why should not they be? These animals share a long history with
us  humans and have actively played their part in in wars to fight armies, employed in fields as farm equipment etc.

When it comes to sports, horses have always been part of one sport or another and some games are even built on horses where the major part is played by the horse and the rider that has embarked the animal.  Sports like Polo, Show Jumping, Tent Pegging and others are known as equestrian sports (games in which horses play a major part).

To this day, these creatures are sold at huge prices in the market and at auctions. In this article we present you with a video of the bidding process that went on in this auction where the horse was finally sold for 9.5 million dollars. Have a look:

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The video highlights:

  • The auctioneer presents the Mare (female horse) who is a featherbed with an impressive size and height. He endorses it to be the Gold standard in featherbeds and states that she is currently a maiden and suitable for mating.
  • The name of the beautiful mare is announced as “Incomparable Songbird” and the bid caller steps in and starts the bidding. 
  • The bid caller starts by calling out the bid and then seems to be muttering words but not clearly. Well actually he is not eating words or speaking unclear sentences rather he is just rapidly uttering out logical sentences that is mainly done for showmanship and to spark up the bidding process.
  • The bid starts with 1 million dollars and in a matter of minutes, the bid is raised to 2 million and then further to 2 and half million , 3 million , 4 million and it keeps rising until it reaches 6 million dollars.
  • Bidders starts to get more excited as one thing has become quite clear that a lot of people want this Mare to become a part of their stable. So, after some time passes the bid is raised to 7 then 7.5 and it hits the 8 million dollar mark.
  • The buyers are getting relentless as everyone wants to outbid the other and so the bidding continues. The bid caller starts his chant once again and the bid is raised from 8 to 8.5 then 8.7 and reaches the 9 million dollar mark.
  • One may think that now surely it is over but no the bid continues to increase and finally ends at 9.5 million dollars and the horse is sold to Mr. Porter for 9.5 million dollars. The auctioneer brings down the hammer and the auction for this mare is over now.
  • The Mare was a bit costly as most people may think but this was truly an elegant and tall creature. With a brownish color and a proud gait any one would want this mare to be in their possession.
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