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Do what you love is a well-known phrase motivates us to accomplish anything in life. Doing something in which our interest falls not only boosts our skills but also let us know what we are capable of.  Nothing comes without effort and hard work and to become expert in anything motivation, passion and devotion are mandatory.

If we talk about sports, behind every victory there is struggle and dedication of every player. The secret to success lies within the person’s willpower as when we want to attain something we try our best and as a result the goal is accomplished.

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Some amazing football skills of an amateur can be seen in the video. The man started his play at a public place where it is conceivable that only few people are paying attention to what he is doing. But as he continues his talent grabs the center of attention of everyone and people gather to see him by leaving their activities.

It is astonishing to see how he is moving the ball around his shoulders and all over his body. It seems more like a magic show because he not only impresses the audience present there but also makes us amazed. This stunning and expert work demonstrate that he has full command on his actions. His skilled moves show how enjoyingly he is playing with the ball and it looks like gravity is not a big deal for him.

Obviously, expertise like that cannot be gained in a single try, it takes day and night practices to gain the artistry like that. Physical fitness is the key factor because doing moves like this is not possible for an unfit person as a sound mind dwells in a sound body.

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People who are determined to their goals find every possible way to reach the point of success. People like this have extreme self-control power that never stops them to try different tactics and strategies. The self-motivation is the key to success that can lead us from sea shore to the top of the mountain, all it needs is dedication and determination. Nothing is impossible if we have the courage and power to use every single possibility in a positive way.

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