Courtesy: Usain Bolt Twitter

Usain Bolt the legendary sprinter had a unique style of propagating the message of these days – social distancing, which is an action being asked globally to be followed for effectively controlling the spread of COVID 19.

Usain Bolt posted in his twitter account an iconic memorable photograph of him winning the 100m final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The comfortable gap with which he won is advocated the message of how to be safe from Coronavirus – social distancing.

This photograph was taken at the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, during the 2008 Olympic Games. This race distance was covered in record time of only 9.69 seconds which at that time was both a new Olympic and World r ecord.

Now intelligently messaged for social distancing but at that time it was a race which was won in such a convincing style that Bolt can be seen celebrating by slapping his chest in celebration prior to even crossing the finish line. USA’s Richard Thompson, was the second runner but with a wide gap.

In his Twitter handle Bolt wrote “Social Distancing #HappyEaster.”

Bolts other feats during the 2008 Beijing Olympics were even more memorable and with a ‘distance’:

  • Bolt won 100m race and broke his own world record.
  • Doubled his gold medals by winning the men’s 200m race.
  • While winning the 200m race Bolt again broke the World and Olympic records.
  • Became first Jamaician sprinter since countryman Don Quarrie to simultaneously hold both 100m and 200m world records.
  • Bolt was the first sprinter to break both records during the same Olympics.


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