Tech Games – Esports: Why Is Fortnite Better Than PUBG?


Fortnite Battle Royale is a survival game, where 100 players battle against each other in player vs. player mode, to see who is the last one standing.

Bluehole has altered PC gaming by presenting a fight royale class game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. In any case, since one can never have excessively of anything to be thankful for, Epic Games presented its own particular fight royale mode through Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Fortnite’s Battle Royale has truly assumed control over the gaming scene. Any E-Sport related site one visits or any streaming service one looks at, Fortnite is dependably always on the top, and for valid justifications as well! In the event that 2017 was the time of PUBG, 2018 is turning out to be the time of Fortnite Battle Royale, and that is unquestionable.

Fortnite – Most Viewed On Youtube

On YouTube, Fortnite has turned into the most viewed game in history. And, the same goes for Twitch, Mixer and on some other streaming websites. There are various well known internet based influences, famous gamers and YouTube identities who likewise play the game and try to reel in significantly more players.

Fortnite really takes the gaming knowledge to an entire other level. For example, from season 4 to season 5’s change, Epic games really brought out in-game components and structures into this present reality and made a story out of it!

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While it looked strikingly like its fight royale match at first, Epic Games took full favorable position of the interesting mechanics found in its PvE mode and settled on a triumphant recipe, that has made Fortnite into one of the greatest games ever.

In this article, Allsportspk will present the top reasons, as to why Fortnite is better then PUBG.

#6 Inventory Management

Fortnite’s Inventory

Fortnite limits its players’ stock to five weapons and a pickaxe. This makes it easy to switch between these gadgets, and the game’s ammunition stockpiling process is basic and does not require a considerable measure of thought. Healing and shield supplies can consume up room in a player’s stock, so players must adjust those provisions with their weapons.

PUBG’s Inventory

In contrast, PUBG’s stock framework is awkward, and it requires so much administration as a customary RPG. A player can build their stock space by finding more elevated amount of backpacks, and the player is continually constrained to two weapons.

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Fortnite’s stock framework enables players to center around the game and blow houses, while PUBG’s stock framework is confusing.

For the #5 reason, as to why Fortnite is better then PUBG, move on to the next page!


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