Allsportspk Unusual: Space Dive – Felix Baumgartner

This is Felix Baumgartner, a sky diver who did a sky jump from 40 Km above the Earth. His diving speed was faster than the speed of sound at 1358 Km per hour.

An Austrian by birth, Felix was born in 1969 and started his skydiving at the age of 16. He became more accomplished after joining the Austrian military. Although, the real break through and recognition came in 1988, when he got involved in skydiving for Red bull.

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In 1990’s, Felix having reached the climax of traditional skydiving, started to get involved in a BASE jumping which is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports. This sport involves parachuting from a fixed and stationary object.

Since, Felix in BASE jumps has made 14 world records.

As to the Red Bull STRATOS project, Felix has reached the ultimate goal, by becoming the first human being to break the speed of sound in free fall jumping from stratosphere. This extraordinary achievement also contributed towards NASA being able to gather important scientific data which has not been available prior to this jump. Which thereby contributed to the NASA project called “NASA’s emergency escape from space project”.

Besides, Felix has been a dare devil in some other feats, which include:

  • The first person to cross the English Channel with a carbon fiber wing.
  • The first to compete flying next to a plane.
  • Race car driving – participated in some famous races, which included from Nürburgring, Germany to Bathurst 24 hours race, in Australia.
  • Commercial helicopter pilot was the second biggest dream of Felix. After his license from USA, he is involved in charity flights and also training hard to become a rescue helicopter pilot, so he can be involved saving lives.

Felix has the human side, due to which he is prominently advocating for non-profit ‘Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation’ and he is alsoinvloved in his own humanitarian project – FLY 4 LIFE.

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