World Archery’s executive board met via conference call and hoped that competition will start again prior to ending of the year.

As a positive note the suspension of all international competitions was extended until 31st August 2020. As to national events they are expected to start from 1st July.

It was also announced that the Archery world rankings remain frozen till further announcement.

The exact schedule of international events is not confirmed till end of 2020. Although, a draft calendar has been finalized with the hope that as soon as coronavirus related restrictions are lifted and safety situation is safer then the events could be accordingly take place.

It was clarified that each event will only he held with two months prior notice.

The executive board, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also approved an updated qualification calendar, thereby, implementing the modified system issued by the International Olympic Committee. Accordingly, it was stated that all Olympic qualification events will be held in 2021 and not in 2020.

As to World Archery Congress it was decided that it will be take place in 2021 alongside the World Archery Championships in Yankton, USA.


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