The 2020 NFL draft will proceed as scheduled in April 2020, but there will no players, supporter and media.

Why? Because it will be held in a television studio from 23rd to 25th April in a television studio. As per plan the players are to be interviewed via video conference.

In the American sports, NFL draft is one of the biggest events, in which the 32 teams recruit players from within the American colleges. 500,000 fans were in attendance during the 2019 draft held in Nashville.

Before the Coronavirus attack, the draft was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, USA.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated in memorandum to all the franchises that, “In the draft NFL will not be bringing prospects and their families, and the draft will be managed and televised in a manner that reflects prevailing conditions.

Mr. Roger added that, “All the clubs in the meantime should be managing the required planning for holding the draft operations in a location outside of your facility. This would be required to be managed by a limited number of people, and with adequate technological resources for communication, with other clubs and with NFL draft headquarters.”