AIU – Athletics Integrity Unit suspended the reigning world champion Christian Coleman in the 100-meter dash due to not appearing and missing the drug tests.

Coleman won the 100 meters in September 2019 at the world championships in Doha, Qatar.

The suspension was notified as AIU issued its updated list of athletes on provisional suspension in which Coleman name was included.

According to the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules or the Integrity Code of Conduct the athlete till a final decision is made are temporarily banned from competing in any event.

Coleman supposedly has been avoiding tests, and as per AIU rules any Athletes being investigated must inform about their whereabouts and when are they available for an hour to be tested. If not followed it is considered a violation.

Coleman has responded and stated that for last six months he has appealed to AIU about the latest missed test. A detailed view points of the suspended Coleman is appended below.



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