The RusAF Russian Athletics Federation to avoid its expulsion has paid fine of $ 6.3 million to World Athletics.

Due to this issue the Russian athletes had not been participating in international games since 2015 and could not contest for Olympics 2016 held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The payment was made against following two heads:

1- The outstanding payments of $ 5 million fine. World Athletics imposed fine of $ 10 million on RusAF in March but thereafter suspended the half fine.

2- An amount of $ 1.31 million in costs for breaching anti-doping rules

The Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation also helped RusAF in clearing the outstanding amount.

The deadline set by World Athletics for RusAF to make the payment was 15th August. The World Athletics has confirmed the receipt of two outstanding payments from the RusAF.

In the past, the RusAF did not comply with the deadline of 1st July to pay amounts. Then World Athletics governing body put on hold the process of granting ANA Authorized Neutral Athlete status to Russian athletes who want to compete internationally. Thereafter, during late July the World Athletics threatened to expel RusAF if it failed to pay the amounts by second deadline of 15th August.


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