Ali Salman of Pakistan is the 2022 World Youth Scrabble Champion

Salaman Ali (in Cresent/Star Shirt) being congratulated by 2021 World Champion Imaad Ali – Allsportspk

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Finals – Day 1 Overview

The final round of the WESPA 2022 World Youth Scrabble Championship got underway today. This is the final weekend after last two weeks in which Group matches of 36 Games and 72 Rounds were played.

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Another 6 games will be played tomorrow on Sunday, the 30th October 2022, in King-of-the-hill format and the new World Youth scrabble champion will be announced.

The top ten players including three from Pakistan played the round-robin league with Hasham Hadi Khan of Pakistan leading the pack with 7 wins and a spread of 314.

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Madhav Kamath of India is second with 6 wins and a spread of 549 while Sandali Vithanage of Sri Lanka is 3rd with 4 wins and a spread of 176. Adheesha Dissanayake of Sri Lanka and Ali Salman of Pakistan also have 4 wins each.

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The current lineup is as follows:

1- Hasham Hadi Khan – Pakistan

2- Madhav Kamath – India

3- Sandali Vithanage – Sri Lanka

4- Adheesha Dissanayeke – Sri Lanka

5- Ali Salman – Pakistan

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6- Pramith Rao – India

7- Chaiyottha Manachaisit – Thailand

8- Ronnie Bennet – Australia

9- Affan Salman – Pakistan

10- Eirman Razman – Malaysia

The virtual championship is being organized by Pakistan from the control room at PharmEvo house in Karachi