The world Scrabble regulatory body WESPA has announced that the virtual World Youth Scrabble Championship for the 3rd year in a row will be played in Pakistan, during the three weekends between 15th – 30th October 2022.

PSF-Pakistan Scrabble Association has the honour of being chosen to host the 4th World level Scrabble championship. The 3 previous virtual championships organised By Pakistan included Youth World Championships in 2020 and 2021. The third event was the main World Scrabble Championship during 2021.

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According to Mr. Tariq Pervez, PSA Executive Director, Pakistan has been allocated 8 seats at the championship while Syed Imaad Ali has a reserved seat as the defending champion. Mr. Tariq elaborated that, there is a possibility of Pakistan being allocated additional seats that is subject to some other countries failing to utilize their quota.

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The following Team Pakistan was also named:

1- Hasham Hadi Khan

2- Ali Salman

3- Monis Hussain Khan

4- Affan Salman

5- Usman Shaukat

6- Saim Waqar

7- Ahmed Salman

8- Aehzam Ahmed


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