Pakistan scrabble minds became the first Semi Finalist of the Scrabble Virtual World Cup. They beat the strong Malaysian team in the first Quarter Final.

The final score after 5 Rounds:

  • Pakistan – 14
  • Malaysia – 11

Pakistan had a comfortable start with 7-3 score in Round 1. After Round 2 Malaysia narrowed the margin to 9-6. The Round 3 was played competitively with the score at 12-8. At this position the advantage tilted towards Pakistan, as they were two points short of becoming the first semi finalist team. In the last Round Pakistan squeezed past to win and become a Semi Finalist.

The Semi Finalist will be decided after the remaining three Quarter Finals are completed by tomorrow on Sunday, 2nd August.

The Semi Finals will be played next week on 8th and 9th August.


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