Gary Linekar, a former England football captain and a presenter for the flagship BBC football show Match of the Day for nearly three decades was restored after a row was supposedly settled.

Although, the row seems to have normalised, however, comments and views continue to come from various individuals and groups. Latest one is from a union which has stated that the trust in BBC’s director general “is at an all-time low.”

The Issue

The former England captain was suspended over his Twitter post that compared lawmakers’ language about migrants to that used in Nazi Germany.

The row started when the UK home secretary, Suella Braverman in a video message commented about stopping people crossing the Channel in small boats. The former captain responded to her in a Tweet, stating: “Good heavens, this is beyond awful,” and likened the government’s language to that of 1930s Germany.

Linekar Taken off Air

Linekar, who has hosted refugees, was not allowed on the show by BBC. This created a moreover mutiny crisis in BBC as his fellow presenters also refused to host the presentation and the move by BBC was widely criticized. The said government proposals were also condemned by rights groups and the UN refugee agency. The refusal of his fellow presenters and commentators threw the coverage of FA cup match between Manchester City and Liverpool in disarray when the highlights were curtailed to twenty minutes without commentary or analysis.

After an understanding was reached in a joint statement the sixty-two years old former footballer stated that he was glad that a way forward was found and that he supported the review of the social media policy.

Reactions & Comments

Some of the critics of the highly rated presenter said that he should not have involved himself in politics, to which he replied that being a freelancer he was not bound by the media policy.

BBC director general Tim Davie commented that Gary Linekar is a valued part of the BBC. He elaborated that corporation’s social media guidelines would be reviewed.

Political Affiliations

In the past Tim Davie’s links to the Tory Party have been highlighted. In the same manner the role of BBC chairman Richard Sharp has also been under fire, who is a regular donor to the ruling Conservative party and has also made a loan to former prime minister Boris Johnson.


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