PCB-Pakistan Cricket Board introduces a result-oriented points system in the PCB Paying Conditions for the prestigious first-class Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, which commences from Sunday, 25th October.

The tournament consisting of 31-matches will be played in 4 Karachi venues, which includes the National Stadium, where the 5 day final will be held from 1st-5th January 2021.

To encourage aggressive batting so that there is increase in strike-rates, the new PCB system rewards five batting points to sides who will reach the 400-run mark inside 100 overs in the first innings.

Further, according to the amended playing conditions, bonus batting points will be awarded as follows (first innings only):

  • 200 runs inside 100 overs – 1 point
  • 250 runs inside 100 overs – 2 points
  • 300 runs inside 100 overs – 3 points
  • 350 runs inside 100 overs – 4 points
  • 400 runs inside 100 overs – 5 points

For Bowling category, the PCB has introduced a two-fold points system, which is as follows:

  • Three wickets inside 100 overs – 1 point
  • Six wickets inside 100 overs – 2 points
  • Eight wickets inside 100 overs – 3 points

Additional all-out bonus points will be allocated as follows:

  • 200 runs or less inside 100 overs – three points
  • Between 201 and 250 runs inside 100 overs– two points
  • Between 251 and 300 runs inside 100 overs – one point

To further elaborate and simplify the allocation of points:

  • – If Team A bowls out Team B for 175 runs in 90 overs, then Team A will pocket three points for collecting eight wickets inside 100 overs and another three points for restricting their opponents to inside 200 runs.
  • – In contrast, Team B will remain pointless for being unable to achieve the minimum threshold of 200 runs inside 100 overs.


  • – if Team C scores 275 for nine in 100 overs against Team D, then Team D will collect three bowling points for claiming eight wickets but will be unable to add an additional point for their failure to grab the last wicket.
  • – In contrast, Team C will get two bonus points for cross the 250-run mark inside 100 overs.

Certain playing conditions rules have also been made. The highlights are:

Clause 16.2 (d) has been amended as follows:

In case of a walk over or if a team refuses to play, following penalties shall be imposed.

  1. The match shall stop there and then and will not be restarted
  2. The Playing XI and the officials of the defaulting team shall be banned for 12 months (it will be a global ban)
  3. All central contracts of that team will be cancelled
  4. The team can still play the event with replaced players/officials
  5. The points scored during that match will be nullified
  6. The opponents to be awarded maximum points

Clause 1.2.8 deals with the scenario of a like-by-like replacement of a player who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Clause 1.2.7 deals with concussion replacement.


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