The Vietnamese government has decided to have the first cycling race since the corona virus outbreak. The Asian country is one of the least affected with only 312 cases, and fortunately, without any fatalities. Hence, the government has allowed to have the HTV-Ho Chi Minh City Television Cup under some conditions.

The new date set is from 19th May – 7th June. The HTV Cup was originally planned to take place in April.

All 12 teams, with 7 members each, will be participating in the HTV Cup’s 18 stages. Only the Vietnamese members will participate with an exception of two European players who are currently in Vietnam.

To minimize the risk of any possible spread of the corona virus, the fans will not be allowed to gather along the route of the race. They may, however, climb the nearby mountains or tall buildings, but not in big groups.

The 2020 edition of the HTV Cup is the 32nd time this Cup will take place. The track has always been chosen from places inside the Ho Chin Minh City. For this edition, the track will be 2.183 km long and will stretch from the north to the South of the Ho Chin Minh City.

According to the organizers the race track will be as depicted by the yellow line in map below:


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