The winner of 9th Virtual Scrabble Tournament title was Minhaj Ahmed who had also clinched the 7th edition title.

The second and third positions were won by Misbah Rehamn and Saad Ahmed respectively.

The complete result and ranking list of the 9th Online event is published below.

After the 9th edition, the first position holder list of the Pakistan Virtual Scrabble Tournaments is as follows:

9th Edition Minhaj Ahmed – 1st Edition Shahzaib Khatri – 2nd Edition Hamza Naeem – 3rd & 4th Edition’s Hassan Bin – 5th Edition Aehzam Ahmed – 6th Edition Huzaifa Faisal – 7th Edition Minhaj Ahmed – 8th Edition Muhammad Nafay Mansoori.

The 9th event was tabulated by the current Junior World Champion Syed Imaad Ali and supervised by Wali Muhammad Khubaib – Director Technical, PSA.

Organized by PSA, Cinepax and Allsportspk, as per set criteria the tournament winners and participants will receive the Cinepax Loyalty Card and Starplay Free subscription alongwith exclusive Allsportspk coverage.


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