PTF-Pakistan Tennis Federation announced the nomination of the Captain (non-playing) of the Davis Cup team, for the World Group 1 tie to be played vs Japan, in Islamabad, during the first week of March 2021. 

Muzhaf Zia, former Davis Cupper, is the nominated Captain who has served in this role in the past, including during the tie against Slovenia in March 2020, which Pakistan won 3-0.

The PTF Executive Committee also decided to undertake trials for selecting 3 remaining players of the Davis Cup Team. Top stars Aisam ul Haq Qureshi and Aqeel Khan have already qualified, thereby, they are exempted from trials. According to the prevalent Davis Cup rules is, each team allowed a maximun of 5 players, in addition to a non-playing Captain. 

Trials will be be held in Islamabad starting on the 18th of January. Shahzad Akhtar Alvi, ITF White Badge Umpire, and Head of officiating for the PTF, and the Captain Mushaf Zia, will supervise the trials, to be held on Round-Robin format.

The top 8 nationally-ranked players, following Aqeel Khan, have been invited to participate. According to the latest National Rankings, as of end-December 2020, these players are:

* Muzammil Murtaza.
* Muhammad Shoaib.
* Muhammad Abid
* Heera Ashiq
* Shahzad Khan
* Mudasir Murtaza
* Ahmed Choudhary
* Yousaf Khalil


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