Swedish compound archer Morgan Lundin is one of 24 athletes nominated for the title of Greatest Athlete of All Time at the World Games.

The award will be decided in a public online ballot held through the end of the month.

Lundin won the event three times – twice consecutively in The Hague in 1993 and Lahti in 1997 – and once more in Duisburg in 2005. All three came when compound archers competed in the field archery discipline at the World Games, before it switched to target in 2013. 

No other archer has won gold at the World Games more than two times.

The World Games Greatest Athlete of All Time will be decided in an online ballot. Voting opens on 8 January 2021. The list of nominees will be cut to 10 on 20 January, and the public vote ends on 1 February.

Anybody can vote up to once every 24 hours on the World Games website.

Lundin was a legendary archer across multiple disciplines.

The 51-year-old, who still competes internationally, albeit sparingly, was the first compound man to achieve the triple crown – winning the outdoor, indoor and field world championships. His outdoor win, carrying the World Archery Champion title, came in Madrid in 2005.

Lundin is also a former world number one, and he retained a place in the 20s until 2011.