Courtesy Mr. Esam Khattak – Allsportspk brings the latest first-hand account of the triumph and ordeal of the Mount Everest expedition of Dr Abdul Jabbar Bhatti. Although, the achievement was instantly reported by allsportspk (4th Pakistani scales Mount Everest). However, according to subsequent information and Mr. Esam’s hour-long phone call conversation with Dr. Bhatti’s, in short the ordeal – wasn’t just near-death experience – it had after-death experience too.

Dr. Bhatti after a miraculous survival and rescue is presently recovering from frostbite and severe dehydration in a hospital in Kathmandu.

Mr. Esam who himself is an adventurist commented – Boy, what a story of resilience, compassion and, thankfully, happy ending! This incredible survival story is bigger than the summit itself.

According to him the  conversation highlights, as I recall, include:

  • They ran out of bottled supplemental oxygen just before reaching the summit and found out that the, supposedly experienced, Sherpa hadn’t brought any! (Terrible place to find out you trusted the wrong guys)
  • While descending after the summit, they collapsed near the South Summit (8,749m) and somehow, miraculously, survived overnight in the open, without oxygen, food and water. This is that “747-cruising” altitude where the human body is decaying even with the O2 and most casualties on expeditions happen here, aptly called the Death-Zone.
  • What’s worse than surviving that – you might think: Next morning several climbers passed them on their way up but none bothered to help them – except one who offered some oxygen!! No one from the company showed up despite calling for help!
  • When they gave up hope, finally help came in a magical unexpected way – can’t thank enough those angels who showed humanity in that extreme cold hell.

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