FIFA World Cup 2018: Friendly Matches Highlights

A total of 2 matches were played today of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 friendly matches. The match wise highlights of all 2 matches are appended below.

Match Wise Highlights

Match 1 Of 2: Japan Vs Paraguay

Result: 4 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Japan: Inui 51′, 63′, Santander 77′ (OG), Kagawa 90’+1
  • Paraguay: Romero 32′, Ortiz 90′


FIFA World Cup 2018

  • Paraguay failed to qualify for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 but they didn’t fail in scoring first in today’s match.
  • Romero was the one who gave the lead to Paraguay to put his team in the lead.
  • Japan failed to equalize the scoreboard in the 1st half as it came to an end with Paraguay in the lead.
  • The 2nd half of the match went underway and it was Inui who struck twice in 11 minutes to put Japan in the front.

  • Paraguay needed an equalizer but they got unlucky as Federico Santander scored an own goal at the 77th minute.
  • The score was now 3 – 1 with Japan in the lead. The match was coming to an end and this is when Paraguay’s persistent attacks allowed them to score another goal at the 90th
  • Now, Paraguay had the chance to score a goal in 2nd half’s injury time, however the opposite happened. As, Kagawa struck at the 91st minute and won the match for Japan.
  • The best part about this match was that both Japan and Paraguay took 3 and 2 shots respectively at each other’s goal posts. And, managed to score off them.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Friendly Matches Highlights – 11th June 2018

Match 2 Of 2: Poland Vs Lithuania

Result: 4 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Poland: Lewandowski 19′, 32′, Kownacki 71′, Blaszczykowski 82′


FIFA World Cup 2018

  • A dominating win over Lithuania was a definite confidence booster for Poland as they ended their World Cup preparations with a win.
  • An early goal by Poland’s lead striker Lewandoski put Poland in charge. And, this lead was doubled at the 32th minute by the same man.

  • Lithuania failed to score in the 1st half as it came to an end with Poland in the lead by 2 – 0.
  • In the 2nd half, despite several attacks by Lithuania, Poland were being extremely successful in their defending tactics.
  • On the other hand, the Polish strikers weren’t holding anything back as constant strikes were being made by them at Lithuania’s goal post.
  • And, these attacks were fruitful as the lead over Lithuania was tripled by Kownacki at the 71st
  • Poland were far from done as Blaszczykowski struck at the 82nd minute as the scoreboard read 4 – 0.
  • This was also the final score of the match. Lithuania’s strikers made a total of 10 shots in this match and only 2 were on target. This is where they really lost the match.

These were the last warm-up matches of prior to the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. Do visit us tomorrow for the first match of the World Cup between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

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