Sayed Baqer – Photo Courtesy: SkySports

The International Football Federation has banned Bahrain Footballer Sayed Baqer for 10 matches due to racist behavior in a recent match against Hong Kong.

25-year-old Bahrain defender was caught on video posing towards Hong Kong supporters while making a slant-eyed gesture, an expression deemed offensive in East Asian culture.

FIFA has also fined Baqer $30,000 for his racist behavior and issued a formal conduct warning which means that he can be permanently banned from sports if such an incident is repeated.

This is the latest incident in a Football season marred with racist behavior, most prominently in last Sunday’s Chelsea V Tottenham game where both sides alleged racist behavior from supporters of others.

Earlier this year, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sierra Leone were fined by the FIFA and issued warnings for racist behavior of their fans.

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