Football – Why Chelsea Would Be Victorious In The Europa League This Year?

Europa League

The much awaited Europe League 2018-19 commenced this week, as a total of 48 clubs started their journey towards the trophy.

Despite the fact that Europe League is not as esteemed as it’s more impressive sibling, this league is a much renowned rivalry in its own privilege. As, it speaks to the only shot at European magnificence for a portion of the little clubs, and also guarantees an automatic qualification and best seeding in the following UEFA Champions League.

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A total of 48 clubs are participating in this competition, as their low stature, compared with the much greater European teams, makes the Champions League a relatively difficult competition for them.

Be that as it may, this is not the case for all of the teams, as a chosen few are more acclimated with participating in the Champions League, but due to some appalling circumstances, they have ended up in the Europa League.

One such club in this category, is none other than Chelsea, with ‘The Blues’ a great representation of the best echelon of European club football. Winning a plenty of local titles, and being victorious in the UCL in 2012 and Europa League a season later, Chelsea are a standout amongst the best clubs in the past few seasons.

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However, the last season was quite woeful for the English club, as disagreements between the board and director Antonio Conte, combined with detailed conflicts between the Italian, and a portion of his players prompted an under-performance from the Chelsea players.

This was only a season on after Chelsea had won the Premier League, after which it prompted the rejection of Conte, with ‘The Blues’ completing in 5th place, thus not qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

Despite the fact, that Chelsea would rather be trying their strength with the best, the way that they would not challenge in the UCL for at any rate another season implies that they should benefit as much as possible from their current circumstance and go hard and fast at their opposition teams.

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In this article, Allsportspk presents 4 reasons, as to why Chelsea is the strongest contender to win the Europa League this year.

#4 Opportunity For UCL Qualification

Europa League

Increment in income from Television rights and stock deals implies that Premier League clubs are more extravagant at this point than any other in history, and have more assets to buy the best players over the world.

The concordant impact of this is the opposition for top places in the group is more tightly packed than at any other time, as up to this point non-testing clubs, for example, Tottenham and Manchester City are currently placed, immovably in the upper unit of Premier League football.

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In reality, Arsenal discovered this out the most difficult way possible, as they neglected to complete in the main four in the last two seasons, having made it in every one of the past 21 sequentially. Likewise, heavyweights Manchester United have not won the league since 2013, and passed up Europe’s best rivalry three times over the most recent five years.

With rivalry for Champions League capability as hardened as ever, Chelsea could utilize the Europa League as a road to make it to the UCL by winning it, similar to what Manchester United did in 2017, in spite of completing 6th in the league.

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