Football: Amazing Wingers That Can Be Played As Strikers

Scarcely any situations in football have seen as large an advancement as that of the winger. Customarily, the job of these wide men was to get this show on the road the ball in the crate for strikers to score.

This was because of the way that the 4-4-2 job with two strikers was the predominant arrangement for quite a while. This implied with two players to go for, the activity of the winger was to accomplish a greater amount of helping and protective work.

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The development of the sport has changed the job of the winger totally. While helping is still piece of the requests on a winger, the development of arrangements has viably changed their jobs and obligations.

In the cutting edge 4-3-3 development, the winger needs to add goals to his collection given how frequently they get into scoring positions. For example, under Zinedine Zidane, the fundamental striker at Real Madrid; Karim Benzema played in a more pulled back job. This permitted Cristiano Ronaldo to get into goalscoring positions.

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The cutting edge winger, in this manner, shares a large number of the qualities of the striker. This implies after some time, a portion of the advanced wingers may develop into getting to be strikers.

In this article, Allsportspk presents 5 youthful wingers who may move toward becoming strikers in the upcoming future.

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#5 Raheem Sterling 


It has been said regularly that Sterling is not  the atypical English winger. For a considerable length of time, the English (British) framework had delivered a portion of the world’s less smart wingers. Brimming with pace and running yet with little insight and very nearly zero final result.

Sterling is cut from an alternate material. Fortunately for the 23-year-old, he has worked with mentors at club level who have helped him raise his game in an unexpected way.

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At Liverpool, Brendan Rogers enabled Sterling to play off the front couple of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. This enabled the England national to play off the front pair and get into incredible scoring positions.

At Manchester City encompassed by the innovative abilities of Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva among others, Sterling’s knowledge and feeling of situating has enhanced exponentially. Once in a while, Pep Guardiola has handled him as a pulled back striker.

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For an ostensible winger, Sterling’s wing play has been associated more to a striker’s as far as situating, astute utilization of the ball and off-the-ball development. It appears that Guardiola sees hints of Lionel Messi in the English man’s amusement.

It is relatively sure that he will wind up as a front man in the closest future. In light of what he has done as such far, he would be great at it.

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