Halle Open 2018 Highlights : Day 5 – 2nd Half

Men’s Tennis Highlights


Single’s: Denis Kudla vs Stefanos Tsitsipas

Result: Denis Kudla defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas by 6-3, 6-4.


  • The 25-year old, Denis Kudla took a great start as he opened the scoring of the first set by a brilliant ace.
  • Denis Kudla was extending his lead at a very fast pace but Stefanos soon recovered the lead and levelled the points at 3-3.
  • Finally, it was the American, Denis Kudla who claimed the victory in the first set over Stefanos by 6-3.

  • The match moved on to the decisive set. This time Stefanos opened the scoring of this set but he couldn’t really build up a good lead.
  • Denis Kudla not only recovered the points, instead, he took the lead after about 20 minutes.

  • After an exciting game Stefanos Tsitsipas lost the set by 6-4, as he lost his last point on the serve.

  • Denis Kudla made it to the Quarter finals where he will face Yuichi Sugita of Japan.   

Halle Open 2018 Highlights: Day 5 – 1st Half

Single’s: Yuichi Sugita vs Dominic Thiem

Result: Yuichi Sugita defeated Dominic Thiem by 6-2, 7-5.


Halle Open 2018

  • It was a shocking defeat for the World No.7, Dominic Thiem as he wasn’t able to win a single set from Yuichi Sugita.
  • The first set started and Yuichi Sugita opened the scoring, whereas, Dominic Thiem only managed to score two points.

  • Yuichi Sugita sealed his win in the first set by 6-2 after Dominic lost the last two points on his serve.
  • The second set which was a tournament survival set for the Austrian, Dominic Thiem took the lead this time.

  • As both the players gave their best the set score reached 5-5.
  • But unfortunately, Dominic Thiem lost a point on his serve and got in pressure. Yuichi Sugita took advantage of that and again won the set by 7-5.

  • Even though, Dominic Thiem scored points on seven aces, but still he lost to Yuichi Sugita in both the sets.
  • Yuichi will now face the American, Denis Kudla in the Quarter finals of the Halle Open 2018.  


Double’s: Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot vs Jonathan Erlich and Nicholas Monroe

Result: Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot defeated Jonathan Erlich and Nicholas Monroe by 6-3, 6-4.


  • Nicholas Monroe and Jonathan Erlich took the lead in the opening set, however, Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot recovered the lead after a few minutes.

  • Finally, Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot won the first set by 6-3 as Jonathan Erlich and Nicholas Monroe lost two points on their serves.
  • The next set started and Marcelo and Lukasz took the lead this time but Jonathan and Nicholas managed to recover some points and the score reached 5-4.
  • The match became more exciting as nobody knew that who would win this set.

  • But eventually, Jonathan Erlich and Nicholas Monroe lost the last point on their serve which costed them the set by 6-4.
  • Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot advanced to the Quarter finals of the Halle Open 2018 where they will play against Philipp Oswald and Max Mirnyi.


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