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The 2019 Tour De’ France race winner Colombian rider Egan Arley Bernal Gomez has finally decided to share the real reason behind winning the Tour De France race.

In a well televised press conference, Egan disclose that The main reason was “a cycle from Pakistan called Shoraba cycle.” He added that I must say it is traffic (meant terrific},” he said.

Revealing the secret, after his famous victory, Gomez said that it is my best kept secret, although all of my competitors, even my teammates asked me the reason of my speed, steadiness, and balance throughout the race.

“But I could not tell them because not everyone deserve to ride Sohrab,” he asserted.

Sharing the details of his acquiring of the machine, the yellow jersey winner said that it is a long story, which involves a lot of brown people.

“The story started, when one day I was out for a stroll in France, few days before start of the race, when a bunch of brownies (brown skin) people shouted Oy Bashira,” Gomez recalled, adding that obviously did no heed to it as he is neither ‘Oy’ nor ‘Bashira’.

“I kept on walking, when a hand was felt on my shoulder and as I turned around, saw a person coming forward from this bunch, who looked a lot like me-skin color wise-who was beaming with a hint of recognition in his eyes,” the champion further recalled.

“The person shook my shoulder and again shouted-although I was standing right next to him-Oy Bashira,” Gomez said with a hint of smile, adding that he obviously was confused and just stared at the stranger.

“I said, excuse me, who are you?” and the person replied, “Oy Bashira, what excuse me, shecuse me, don’t you recognize me, I am Hameed from your village in Pakistan,”

The champ then shared how he explained that he is not what the stranger is thinking and then we talked and I told him that I am cyclist and is going to participate in most important race of my life and I am worried that I will not be able to win.

“Hameed smiled and said ‘Donut worry by skin brother, I have just the right thing for you, which will ensure your victory,” Gomez shared, adding then Hameed called his one of friend, whose, cousin’s neighbor’s uncle’s father-in-law’s younger brother was working in Sohraba cycle factory.

“Long story short, within next few days, I got my cycle and it was beautiful, a bit old fashioned by strong, agile, smooth, excellent curves and man I loved it,” the champ said, adding that they had to make some rapid changes in the machine.

“The changed were made to hide the true identity of this beauty and second to adjust it according the race, although it came ready,” the Colombian shared.

“I was confused in start to ride such an excellent machine and I stumbled a bit but Hameed helped me and then the race started and everything changed.

“As they say, the rest is history, and now I am sitting in front of you as Tour De’ France champion,” Gomez said with a pride in his voice.

“Now I am Bashira and have a Sohraba, and life as a professional cyclist is all set.”

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